We are the steel bar coupler factory which is specialized in producing the high quality carbon steel as the material of rebar coupler. Now steel bar coupler has a more and more good market. What’s the reason? The features of steel bar coupler may ieterpret It.


High tensile strength, which could exert 100% of the tensile and compression strength of rebar;

Energy-saving and easy operation;

Inexpensive to purchase, maintain and repair;

The rebar coupler prodcucing and rebar end theading will not affected by the weather.

Couplers and theaded bar are protected by plactic cap.

In our company, the steel bar coupler can connect rebar from diameter 16mm to 40mm. At the same time, we also produce the reabr coupler, cold pressing coupler, thread rolling machine and so on. So we can offer you products with diversification and high quality.

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